Stainless Steel Farm Tank

New to the New Zealand Market, our Stainless Steel Farm Tank range is a market leader in quality fuel storage solutions.


  • Tanks will last across generations.
  • No rust or corrosion due to its material.
  • Ladder comes with safety bar to prevent falling back off ladder.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • No paint, no rust, no pitting.
  • High quality parts and components.
  • Combination tanks have a double divider interior:
    • Which means fast assembly/short delivery time.
    • Dual thickness between products.
  • On ground have top pump box fully enclosed and lockable.
  • Fuel type embossed on side of pump box by nozzle.
  • Can be delivered fully assembled on concrete slab so no need to construct a slab or metal compacted area.
  • For on ground tanks only, we can provide a solar option for the pump.
  • Fitted with both Vent Filter and Fuel Filter to assist in preventing moisture, diesel bugs, dirt or water, therefore keeping the fuel clean

Tank Sizes:


Single Tanks:                   Combination Split Tanks:

1000L                                               560/560L

1290L                                               560/1000L

1530L                                               560/1290L

1900L                                               560/1530L

2500L                                               560/1920L