We are always looking for ways to improve our products for our customers. We have listened to feedback, and have come up with a completely new tank design.

Introducing our latest innovation in fuel storage, our Cabinet Tanks offer security as well as functionality. With a fully enclosed pump cabinet that also offers storage space, you can ensure that all your gear and fuel is kept safe.

Available in 5,000L and 13,000L, and with an array of electric or petrol pumps to be fitted, we will have a tank suited to your needs.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in one of these tanks, or call us on 0800 383 5266

Check out our newly manufactured 1400L and 1900L Square Trailer Tanks! Complete with optional solar panel powered electric pump, this revolutionary fuel storage solution will allow your fleet to be fuelled for longer in places further afield than ever before!

Introducing the 4,500 litre Forestry Cube Tank. Strong, transportable, and secure, this tank meets all the needs for forestry operators.

Used in the uncompromising NZ bush and outdoor workplaces, the Fuelcon Cube Forestry Tank will never let the user down. Used in proximity to heavy machinery, we have found these tanks to be robust and secure. They perform optimally in all weathers and temperatures and truck drivers praise them for their ease of re-fill. The certified lifting frame and square shape makes them easy to transport and position on site.